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Chapter Leadership Awards

Washington State SHRM encourages chapters to establish goals and initiatives to increase their visibility and effectiveness as well as expand their impact within the HR community. These initiatives are the basis for the Chapter Leadership Awards. We will recognize four chapters for outstanding leadership and impact on the HR community.  

Submit an application for 
one or more of the three award categories outlined
below for activities completed in the previous year. Deadline: February 9, 2024.


  • SERVING HR PROFESSIONALS: Initiatives that support and promote professionals with HR responsibility to be successful business leaders. Activities may be related to certification, professional learning, or skills development.

  • ADVANCING THE HR PROFESSION: Initiatives advancing the HR profession by creating awareness with or supporting key constituents including workplace, government and regulatory representatives, employers, schools, media and the community at large. Activities may be outreach and awareness programs, government or public affairs, raising funds and supporting the SHRM Foundation’s annual initiative to build inclusive organizations, or focus on key issues such as inclusion, diversity, or workforce readiness.

  • ENHANCING THE SHRM COMMUNITY: Initiatives providing programs and services that support SHRM, meet members’ needs, or further the chapter or state council efforts. Activities may include efforts to foster member engagement, retention and acquisition, volunteer development and recognition.


Award Recipient Receives:

  • A $500 check for the chapter

  • Recognition on the Washington State SHRM website and on social media

  • Formal recognition at the Washington State SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit and the Washington State SHRM Employment Law & Human Resources Conference.  Chapter President (current or immediate past) will be called to the stage for presentation of the award.

Washington State SHRM Chapter in good standing with SHRM National. Chapter President, or designated current Chapter Board member, must participate and attend all WA State SHRM meetings. Promotion of state council activities and events on chapter website and at chapter meetings, such as HR Day on the Hill, Washington State Employment Law & HR Conference, and state initiatives.

SELECTION COMMITTEE:  WA State SHRM President, Past President and President Elect

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