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Washington State SHRM welcomes all of our amazing chapter volunteers to engage, connect, and learn from one another during this event.


  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Keynote Presentation: 

True Colors

Joseph Pauley (JP)

Applied Leadership Teams

Each of us has our style, preferences, and ways of operating. This interactive, information-packed workshop helps participants explore their distinctive personality strengths and stressors. Explore how personality traits affect different areas of work, create routines to highlight strengths, and overcome potential obstacles. Participants will improve their skills in:


  1. Understanding and appreciating personality differences in self and others   

  2. Recognizing the values, joys, strengths, stressors, and frustrations of personality types​

  3. Building and promoting self-esteem, respect, and confidence

  4. Deepening relationships and developing a more harmonious environment

  5. Enhancing communication and teamwork skills for working better together

Learn more about Joey and his work at  


  • SHRM Overview and Organizational Structure

  • Tools for Volunteers

  • Breakout Sessions with State Directors

  • Q&A

Please register at the link below. We look forward to seeing everyone on February 3rd.


February 3, 2023
Virtual Summit

Chapter board members and state leaders come together to talk about volunteer roles and responsibilities, available resources, and support.    

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